The store is closed. We do have some back issues. Contact us at 52ndcity at gmail dot com if you are interested.


Issue Nine: April 2008 ($8.00) INCLUDES BONUS SOUND CD from April 2007 issue. Features work by Aaron Belz, Andrea Day, Angela Hamilton, Cary Horton, Franklin Jennings, K. Curtis Lyle, Ryan Miller, Jordan Oakes, Julia Smillie, Stephen Snyder, Geoff Story, Joseph Sulier, s.c. truckey, Justin Visnesky.



Issue Eight: January 2008 ($8.00)
Features work by Andrea (Avery) Decker, Brett Beckemeyer, Thomas Crone, Arpad Ikuma Czismazia, Jay David, Thom Fletcher, Dave Gray, Angela Hamilton, Devin Johnston, Chris King, Nicole Rainey, Emily Randall, Geoff Story, Eduardo Vigil



Issue Seven: October 2007 ($8.00)
Features work by Michael R. Allen, Andrea Avery, Aaron Belz, Jack Biggs, Andrea Day, Piedmont Chris Johnson, Chris King, Jim Klenn, Nina Laegel, K. Curtis Lyle, Sarah Raischel, April Seager, Mike Steinberg, and Kerry Zimmerman.



Issue Six: July 2007 ($8.00)
Features work by Jessica Baran, Aaron Belz, Thomas Crone, Andrea Day, Caroline Huth, Nick Findley, Emily Shea Fisher, Thom Fletcher, Dave Gray, Franklin Jennings, Chris King, K.E. Luther, K. Curtis Lyle, Richard Newman, Greg Ott, Stefene Russell, Dana Smith, and Brett Lars Underwood.



Issue Five: April 2007 ($8.00)
This special CD edition includes spoken word and musical performances by JOSH WEINSTEIN -| Interview with Ornette Coleman On Sound;  K. CURTIS LYLE with DAVE STONE - Nut Check; TOM WEBER - Feeding Yogi; THE PHIL SESSIONS: Guerilla recordings in St. Louis public spaces featuring DAVE STONE, FRED FRICTION, JEREMY BRANTLINGER, SUNYATTA MARSHALL , BRETT UNDERWOOD, JEREMY KANNAPELL , JASON HUTTO, DERRICK MOSLEY, and ERIC HALL; LEARN, ARTIST -| The Heart is a Lonely Hunter; CLOISTER - Orange Juice; JULIE DILL -| From Calypso; COLD WAR - A Simple Song; ROBERT GOETZ -| Sid; MAD ART RADIO HOUR - Selection from "I Love Sylvia"; HEIDI DEAN -| Single Again;  JAMES WEBER, JR. -| Camping Omens; MC401(k) - Girls Go To Mars; AARON BELZ - Andy's Mom's Velveeta Log-shaped Tupperware Container; THE PRIVATE SECTOR - Warm Goodbye



Issue Four: January 2007 ($8.00)
Features work by Andrea Avery, Diana Benanti, Bill Cable, Thomas Crone, M. Davis, Heidi Dean, Jess Dewes, Amanda E. Doyle, Joe Esser, Katy Fischer, Jane Godfrey, Dave Gray, Chris King, Franšois Luong, L.A. Ramsey, Stefene Russell, Steven Schreiner, and Erik Smetana. 



Issue Three: October 2006 ($8.00)
Features work by Aaron Belz, Bill Chott, Thomas Crone, Andrea Day, Matt Fernandes, Nick Findley, Thom Fletcher,  Jennifer Gaby, Franklin Jennings, Brandyn Jones, Chris King, Tom Lampe, Michael McCarthy, Tara McCarthy, Shannon McGinn, Richard Newman, Julia Smillie, Dana Smith, James Weber, Jr., Tom Weber, and Adam Scott Williams.



Issue Two: July 2006 ($8.00)
Features work by Andrea Avery, Jenna Bauer, Aaron Belz, Thomas Crone, Andrea Day, Lindsey Durway, Caroline Huth, Franklin Jennings, Patrick Landewe, Jane Linders, K. Curtis Lyle,  Andrea Noble, Carmelita Nu˝ez, Randall Roberts, Stefene Russell, Eric Erfan Vickers, James Weber, Jr., and Kerry Zimmerman.



Issue One: April 2006 ($8.00)
Features work by Andrea Avery, Thomas Crone, Julie Dill, Chris King, Brian H. Marston, Michaela McGinn, Butler Miller, Dana Smith, Stefene Russell, and Tom Weber.