52nd City Media is a cooperative venture of area artists and writers dedicated to developing, incubating and releasing diverse and experimental works of interest created by local talent. When we launched the magazine in 2006, St. Louis was the 52nd City in population. Things change. We like that.

52nd City Magazine was published quarterly January 2006 through July 2008. Each issue was devoted to a particular topic (examples: Work, Faith, Drink, Stuff, etc.). A new online version of the magazine was published to supplement the print edition. The content of the print and online versions did not overlap. You can view previous online editions right here.

In November 2008, the print version of the magazine ended. We now maintain a blog presence only. We also present The Annual Kick Ass Awards.


Thomas Crone

Thomas Crone is co-editor of 52nd City and is a freelance writer for a number of local publications. He also frequently teaches at his alma mater, Webster University. For more information and why the heck would you need that? check his site: www.thomascrone.com.

Stefene Russell

Stefene Russell is an editor at St. Louis Magazine and St. Louis AT HOME and a member of local arts collective Hoobellatoo. She was once incorrectly diagnosed with narcolepsy.

Andrea Avery Durway

Andrea Avery keeps busy promoting, supporting, and volunteering for various art activities around the city. She had a (sweet) baby so now she paints and writes when she can and gets itchy when she can't. For more information visit www.andreaavery.com.